Hong Kong Style Mahjong


This is the home page for Hong Style Mahjong.  This is a game available for Android devices which is an implementation of 13 Tile Mahjong based upon Hong Kong rules.


Mahjong is a game that originated in China. It is commonly played by four players. The game and its regional variants are widely played throughout Eastern and South Eastern Asia and have a small following in Western countries. Mahjong is similar to the Western card games like rummy, mahjong is a game of skill, strategy, and calculation and involves a degree of chance.

This is a 13 tile implementation of Mahjong based upon Hong Kong or Cantonese rules.

This version of mahjong has the most advanced, responsive and intuitive touch interface for any mahjong app on the market.

Full details for Hong Kong Style rules can be found here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hong_Kong_Mahjong_scoring_rules

NEW: Additional Tile Sets and Optional Special Hong Kong Style Hands and Achievements.

Screenshot_2015-04-08-18-07-08Be prepared for fast paced Mahjong action. Incorporating traditional Hong Kong rules with many options to customise your playing experience, including:
* Minimum level setting
* Flowers and Seasons
* Resume mode
* Demo mode
* Traditional or English Tiles
* Fast or Slow mode*
* Google Play Achievements
* High Definition Tile images


HKSMahjong_android1Feel free to email comments or bug reports to pvella@gmail.com. I do respond. Special thank you to those that have emailed bugs and screen shots.

We hope you enjoy the game.  Feel free to add comments for discussion.

Install the application from  googlestore

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